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Living Artwork Fish Farms is a leading supplier of the highest quality and healthiest Tropical Fish, Koi, and Goldfish. Our Production Facility / Distribution Center is located in Ruskin, FL on 20 acres of land with over 15 surface acres of water dedicated to raising some of the highest quality Koi, Goldfish, and Tropical Fish in the USA. Our 5 acre farm located in Myakka City, FL is where we quarantine and keep all Imported Koi and Goldfish separate from our main production facility. We offer local pick up at our 2500 square foot walk-in retail store located in Bradenton, FL. Living Artwork Fish Farms has the great pleasure of being located right next to over 50 family-owned Florida Fish Farms which gives us the opportunity to provide you with the absolute best prices on the healthiest fish in the world. Being located only 30 minutes from Tampa International Airport allows us to directly import some of the most rare and unique Tropical Fish, Koi and Goldfish that are available on the U.S. market today. Whether it is our modern approach to packing and shipping your fish, our strict quarantine process all fish must go through before they are made available for sale, or simply the way we handle our fish from the time they arrive on the farm until the day they arrive at your front door our mission is simple: Delivering the highest quality and healthiest ornamental fish on Earth.

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